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  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 23:01 | From:

    ‘Taking A Bite’: Major Political And News Headlines Are Sucking Up All The Oxygen On Facebook

    A confluence of national headlines and surging political ad spending appears to be eating into the Facebook referral traffic of several publishers. The post ‘Taking a bite’: Major political and news headlines are sucking up all the oxygen on Facebook appeared first on Digiday. Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 23:01 | From:

    Food52 Jumps Further On The Streaming Bandwagon With Its New OTT App

    First building up its long form video content on Xumo and YouTube, the food publisher is planning to display similar content on the OTT app, but will play to a new kind of audience consumption habit: binging. The post Food52 jumps further on the streaming bandwagon with its new OTT app appeared fir... Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 23:01 | From:

    ‘All Taking A Chance On Each Other’: Jasper Wang On Defector Media’s Collective Ownership Structure

    A group of 18 former Deadspin employees have launched Defector Media with a much more collective ownership structure. The post ‘All taking a chance on each other’: Jasper Wang on Defector Media’s collective ownership structure appeared first on Digiday. Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 23:01 | From:

    Back In The Fold: For Many Advertisers, Just A Commitment From Facebook To Change Is Enough To Return

    Facebook has made several commitments to change the way it handles hate speech on its platform — but we've yet to see many of them in action. The post Back in the fold: For many advertisers, just a commitment from Facebook to change is enough to return appeared first on Digiday. Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 21:20 | From:

    In The Race To Shore Up Revenue, Publishers Are Overlooking Deal Terms

    Many publishers are struggling to keep their business models afloat with cookies dying and brands tightening their ad spend in an age of pandemic and recession. To contend with unprecedented challenges, publishers have taken to implementing a wide variety of new tactics. Some are turning to alternat... Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 20:30 | From:

    Study: Google Prefers Its Own Meta Description In The Search Results Around 70 Percent Of The Times

    A meta description tag in HTML is basically a summarized snippet of the content of a web page. The usual length that Google allows these web pages is approximately 160 characters. Different search engines use these snippets when they provide the search results to give the users a sneak peek in the c... Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 16:00 | From:

    Is Bing Edging Past Google? New Toggle Test In Google Search Suggests Yes

    Generally speaking whenever someone thinks of making an internet search then the most obvious service that comes to mind to make such a search would be Google. It’s safe to say that pretty much nobody out there would ever think of using Yahoo or, dare I say, Bing, right? Well, it appears that for th... Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 15:45 | From:

    CSV Explorer: Work With Large CSV Files

    CSV files are foundational and are typically the lowest common denominator of importing and exporting data from any system. We’re working with a client right now that has a very large database of contacts (over 5 million records) and we need to filter, query, and export a subsegment of the data. Wha... Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 15:00 | From:

    Under Armour's Digital Push Continues Through Slumped Financials

    The company is shifting from a product-led approach to a customer-led one as it focuses on the intersection of consumer products and backend technology. Read more

  • Posted: September 28 2020 @ 14:25 | From:

    SkAdNetwork? Privacy Sandbox? I Stand With MD5s

    Apple’s June 2020 announcement that the IDFA would be an opt-in feature for consumers by September’s iOS 14 release felt like the rug was pulled from under the 80 billion ad industry, sending marketers into a frenzy to find the next best thing. It’s now been over two months, and we’re still scratchi... Read more