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  • August 7 2020 17:43

    Today A Unified Customer Engagement Platform

    Customers are the lifeblood of every business. Yet, only a few companies can keep up with their evolving demands, leaving a huge window of opportunity for firms that are ready to invest in customer experience and improve their market share.  Unsurprisingly, CX management has emerged as a top priorit...

  • August 7 2020 15:03

    Today Michaels adds new perks to its rewards program

    The arts and crafts retailer aims to strengthen relationships with its customers digitally.

  • August 7 2020 14:43

    Today TikTok makes first push into streaming with Fire TV app

    The move into video streaming comes at an ignominious time for the popular app, which faces a crackdown in the U.S.

  • August 7 2020 14:00

    Today Peloton restructures marketing around 2 new leadership roles

    Karina Kogan will oversee global marketing for products while Dara Treseder will set strategy around brand building, company growth and international expansion.

  • August 7 2020 13:30

    Today COVID-19 Uncertainty Impacts Back-to-School Shopping

    The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty in just about every facet of life. Whether or not kids and college students in the US will head back into the classroom in August and September has not escaped this uncertainty, despite federal mandates that students and teachers return to school when th...

  • August 7 2020 13:29

    Today Bagel Bites' first ad campaign in decades stirs pop cultural debates

    Humorous videos debate things like pony versus unicorn, wrapping with the tagline "Pizza on a Bagel — We Can All Agree With That."

  • August 7 2020 13:00

    Today Video Games Provide Entertainment for All Ages

    Playing video games continues to be a favorite pastime for Americans, with three-quarters of US households having at least one video game player. And, while 7 in 10 Americans under the age of 18 play video games regularly, a new report [pdf] from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) shows th...

  • August 7 2020 11:33

    Today How visual commerce is transforming the customer experience

    What is visual commerce and how does it prove ROVI? Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 7 2020 4:01

    Today Disruption, served one thread at a time: The weird world of DTC thoughtleader Twitter (1/23)

    On direct-to-consumer startup Twitter, everything is a branding lesson. The post Disruption, served one thread at a time: The weird world of DTC thoughtleader Twitter (1/23) appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 7 2020 4:01

    Today WTF…are standard contractual clauses

    With the Privacy Shield dead, companies are moving to standard contractual clauses so data transfer between the EU and U.S. is GDPR compliant. The post WTF…are standard contractual clauses appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 7 2020 4:01

    Today ‘You have to innovate on the value’: The disparate state of virtual event ticketing

    A virtual event happens every minute as saturation nears and publishers keep giving it away for free. The post ‘You have to innovate on the value’: The disparate state of virtual event ticketing appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 7 2020 4:01

    Today ‘We have our work cut out for us’: How Havas is launching a major campaign to overcome its lack of racial diversity in the U.S.

    Recent diversity data from Havas shows that just 6.1% of the 4,000 it employs in the U.S. are black. The post ‘We have our work cut out for us’: How Havas is launching a major campaign to overcome its lack of racial diversity in the U.S. appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 7 2020 4:01

    Today ‘Take back some market share from Amazon’: Publishers are testing their own versions of Prime Day

    With Amazon Prime Day delayed, publishers with commerce operations are creating their own shopping holidays. The post ‘Take back some market share from Amazon’: Publishers are testing their own versions of Prime Day appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 7 2020 4:01

    Today How the alternative holding agency groups are hitting growth spurts even during the downturn

    As traditional agency holding groups flounder, smaller rivals are growing, even during a pandemic-induced downturn. The post How the alternative holding agency groups are hitting growth spurts even during the downturn appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 6 2020 18:10

    How to Optimize WooCommerce Google Shopping Ads

    With a majority of consumers moving online for their shopping (66% prefer it to brick-and-mortar), it’s a better time than ever to have a WooCommerce store. But it’s a challenge to reach purchase-ready consumers with consistency. Google Shopping Ads let you advertise to consumers who are actively se...

  • August 6 2020 14:31

    Forrester: Influencer campaign volume slipped 3% during pandemic

    Influencer activations slowed in March, but returned to near normal levels by April and May as brands sought influencer help with content and ad creative.

  • August 6 2020 14:28

    71% of marketers expect virtual events to continue beyond 2020, survey finds

    While many business functions work well virtually, lead generation remains a key challenge for media and marketing executives.

  • August 6 2020 14:02

    Jose Cuervo taps Lil Dicky to host first episode of live YouTube series

    The five-week series, "Who's Making Margs?," will bring viewers inside a new celebrity host's home each week to mix drinks and compete for prizes.

  • August 6 2020 13:30

    CTV Viewers Are Watching Ad-Supported Content. But How Do They Respond to Ads?

    Connected TV (CTV) usage is on the rise, with streaming hours via these devices growing considerably since 2019. And, with 60% of streamers choosing to watch free content, according to a new report [download page] from SpotX, ad-supported SVOD is likely to form a big part of viewers’ engagement with...

  • August 6 2020 13:04

    It’s time to think differently: Oracle CX Cloud

    An update on Oracle’s offering for marketers on the occasion of Cloud CX virtual summit. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 6 2020 13:00

    Household Grocery Spending Rises During H1

    The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on food shopping has been visible since the beginning of the crisis, with online grocery sales doubling in March and mobile e-commerce grocery spend growing in Q1, according to previous research. New data [press release] from NCSolutions highlights what these ongo...

  • August 6 2020 13:00

    Run audio ads easily with new tools in Display & Video 360

    In 2020, U.S. adults are projected to listen to digital audio more than radio for the first time ever. As the audio landscape continues to shift more heavily to digital, marketers have more opportunities to reach their audiences and get their attention using a long-proven format. Google continues to...

  • August 6 2020 10:31

    Search Console API announcements

    Over the past year, we have been working to upgrade the infrastructure of the Search Console API, and we are happy to let you know that we’re almost there. You might have already noticed some minor changes, but in general, our goal was to make the migration as invisible as possible. This change will...

  • August 6 2020 4:02

    ‘Let’s put it out in the world’: Why Code and Theory is creating its own thought leadership publication, Decode

    The publication gives the agency a home for opinion and thought leadership pieces from its staffers, many of whom have been writing pieces for industry publications in recent years. The post ‘Let’s put it out in the world’: Why Code and Theory is creating its own thought leadership publication, Deco...

  • August 6 2020 4:01

    ‘Building up a community first’: Instagram Reels has little on offer for advertisers — for now

    Instagram's new video function launches with no advertising available as it looks to take on TikTok for creators and influencers. The post ‘Building up a community first’: Instagram Reels has little on offer for advertisers — for now appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 6 2020 4:01

    ‘There’s been no emails or interest’: As the drama over TikTok intensifies, advertiser interest cools

    Since news about TikTok's ownership broke last week, influencers have seen campaigns get pushed back and inquires from advertisers stop. The post ‘There’s been no emails or interest’: As the drama over TikTok intensifies, advertiser interest cools appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 6 2020 4:01

    ‘Turns into the Super Bowl’: Media companies prepare for political ad dollars to roll in

    Media companies expect political ad dollars to help their businesses recover, but they are leery of opening themselves up too widely to political advertisers. The post ‘Turns into the Super Bowl’: Media companies prepare for political ad dollars to roll in appeared first on Digiday.

  • August 5 2020 21:28

    PandaDoc: Create, Send, Track, and eSign Sales Documents

    Being a partner in the Salesforce ecosystem has been an incredible experience, but the negotiation process for creating, sending, and updating our statements of work has been quite an undertaking. I sometimes think I’m spending more time writing statements of work than I am actually doing the work i...

  • August 5 2020 18:41

    Social Media Strategy: the S.M.A.R.T Way to Build It

    A well-thought-out social media strategy is one of the best tools you have for helping your brand rise above the fray. In today’s crowded social media landscape, competition can be brutal. Everyone is not only fighting for engagement—they’re spending more to get it. One method for building a success...

  • August 5 2020 18:05

    Athleta names interim CMO

    Gap Inc. has shuffled its marketing leadership recently, with Banana Republic's marketing head taking over at its namesake brand in February.

  • August 5 2020 17:12

    How Site Speed Impacts Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rates

    We integrated a rewards program and developed several personalized and sophisticated marketing automation flows for an e-commerce client that dramatically increased their revenue. As we continued to watch users flow from the emails through conversions, we identified several issues with their hosting...

  • August 5 2020 15:10

    Google extends lead forms to YouTube, Discovery campaigns

    There are more contact fields, questions by vertical and new ways to automate customer data imports into Google Ads. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 5 2020 14:40

    Ad stakeholders race to form new digital media standards as old ones face 'Tower of Babel' moment

    As bedrock tools like cookies enter their final days, major advertisers, agencies and publishers have created a group focused on safeguarding both personalization and user privacy.

  • August 5 2020 14:13

    Release Notes: Amperity partners with Infutor

    CDP links up with consumer data partner. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 5 2020 14:06

    How the coronavirus altered DTC's relationship with brick and mortar

    As e-commerce became increasingly competitive, digitally native brands opened stores. But the pandemic forced brands to pause plans and seek alternatives.

  • August 5 2020 13:30

    Which Channels Do Marketers Find Best for Reaching Top Target Audiences?

    There are many factors to take into account when striving for a successful multichannel campaign, but in attempting to reach a specific target audience, certain channels appear better placed than others. A recent report [download page] from PFL and Demand Metric on multichannel marketing explores th...

  • August 5 2020 13:00

    CMOs Expect A Return to Business as Usual in the Next Year or Two, But Are Avoiding New Markets

    More than half (57%) of CMOs expect to see a return to business as usual in the next 18-24 months according to a recent report [download page] from Gartner. The latest Annual CMO Spend Survey indicates that marketing leaders are maintaining a positive outlook on recovery, but are feeling risk-averse...

  • August 5 2020 8:05

    How search data can inform larger online business decisions

    Decision makers in their respective silos are generally unaware of the value in the data Google shares so it’s your job to disperse this knowledge across your organization. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 4 2020 16:19

    Release Notes: Reveal Mobile adds Tapad device-matching to its location data

    A partnership between location data and device-based identity resolution. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 4 2020 14:59

    The 57+ Instagram Statistics You Need to Know in 2020

    Are you struggling with your Instagram marketing strategy and you don’t know why? Or are you a newbie that wants to get off to a good start? Wherever you are in your path, Instagram statistics can help you get the results you deserve. Especially with so many other platforms that are already taking u...

  • August 4 2020 13:34

    Using Automated Testing to Improve the Salesforce Experience

    Staying ahead of the rapid changes and iterations in a large-scale enterprise platform, such as Salesforce, can be challenging. But Salesforce and AccelQ are working together to meet that challenge. Using AccelQ’s agile quality management platform, which is tightly integrated with Salesforce, signif...

  • August 4 2020 13:30

    More Than 4 in 10 Consumers Think It’s Important That Brands Personalize Their Ads

    More and more consumers want personalization from their ads, particularly Millennials. Per new data from Innovid, some 40% of consumers have made a purchase in 2020 as a direct result of a personalized ad, so it’s no wonder that brands and advertisers want to make the most of this marketing strategy...

  • August 4 2020 13:00

    Gen Z Spotify Users Spend Plenty of Time with the Platform

    As well as valuing creativity and affordability, Gen Z is a generation of streamers, with 74% saying they are dependent on technology to entertain themselves, per a new report [download page] from the Center of Generational Kinetics (CGK). In its report CGK examines the use of various platforms, wit...

  • August 4 2020 10:27

    Business stress is no excuse to spam

    Look at your email practices and make sure you are not stepping over ethical boundaries by assuming permission that has not been given. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 4 2020 10:11

    Ad industry groups launch effort to push for addressable media standards

    The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media includes ad industry trade groups, agencies, advertisers, publishers and ad tech firms. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 4 2020 9:33

    Release Notes: Sitecore updates Experience Platform and Experience Commerce

    Sitecore responds to the increased importance of digital marketing. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 3 2020 17:16

    YouTube Ads: Everything You Need to Know

    While millions of small and medium-sized businesses flock to Google Ads for its ease-of-use and varied targeting options, many avoid YouTube Ads in particular “because video is complicated and expensive.” With a shift in how people use their devices, avoiding video is a recipe for disaster. And the...

  • August 3 2020 15:39

    Search Off The Record podcast - behind the scenes with Search Relations

    As the Search Relations team at Google, we're here to help webmasters be successful with their websites in Google Search. We write on this blog, create and maintain the Google Search documentation, produce videos on our YouTube channel - and now we're making a Search Off The Record podcast, too!In t...

  • August 3 2020 15:03

    Selecting the right digital platform for a virtual event

    The decision-making process behind madconNYC. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article.

  • August 3 2020 12:05

    Data Hub: Coronavirus and Marketing [Updated]

    Let’s take an updated look at how marketers and consumers are dealing with this crisis. The below is a curated list of data that we’ve gathered in recent weeks, but with news about the global spread of the coronavirus and its effects on consumers and businesses changing daily, this data will continu...

  • August 3 2020 12:00

    5 Points About the US Podcast Ad Market

    As the number of US adults listening to podcasts continues to grow, so too does the opportunity for advertisers to use the popular medium. According to the IAB and PwC’s latest Podcast Advertising Revenue Study [download page], 2019 saw a 48% increase in the estimated total market revenue for podcas...

  • August 3 2020 10:00

    4 Noteworthy Lead Conversion Trends: Research and Charts

    With a myriad of marketing tactics at our disposal, cool marketing technology that can track performance and automate campaigns, and countless strategies and processes to optimize marketing, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. For many marketers, we think in terms of leads (impersonal,...

  • August 3 2020 7:39

    Best Dropshipping Companies

    With ecommerce trends on the rise, dropshipping has quickly grown in popularity over the years. It’s a great alternative to traditional sales. Instead of buying inventory upfront, storing it, and shipping it to customers on your own, dropshipping makes it possible for you to sell online without ever...

  • July 31 2020 19:29

    Christmas in July: A Marketer’s Guide to Escapism Campaigns

    Escapism marketing campaigns are showing their Christmas colors this year. So here's what you need to know if you want to create your own. The post Christmas in July: A Marketer’s Guide to Escapism Campaigns appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • July 31 2020 10:00

    Updates on our work to improve user privacy in digital advertising

    Privacy is core to our work at Google, and to our vision for a thriving internet where people around the world can continue to access ad-supported content, while also feeling confident that their data is protected. But in order to get there, we must increase transparency into how digital advertising...

  • July 31 2020 9:00

    Take control of how data is used in Google Analytics

    Rising consumer expectations and changing industry regulations have set higher standards for user privacy and data protection. This has led many businesses to revisit how they are managing data in their Google Analytics accounts. To help, Analytics provides businesses with a variety of features to c...

  • July 30 2020 21:32

    Pricing Your Agency Services

    Pricing is one of the most plaguing questions out there when it comes to building any agency. To help, we’ve collected some base-level information to help you with pricing agency services. The post Pricing Your Agency Services appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • July 30 2020 16:23

    Top Instagram Updates in 2020 – July Edition

    It’s almost difficult to believe, but July is nearly over. This month’s Instagram updates are particularly exciting, especially since we’re getting a few long-awaited features we’ve known about for a little while now. In the past month, Instagram has announced or rolled out five main new features th...

  • July 30 2020 13:00

    Best Contact Management Software

    Want to jump straight to the answer? The best contact management software are Salesforce Essentials and Insightly.  In sales, your customers are your lifeblood. After all, a business without customers is just a hobby. That’s why you need to invest into a good contact management software. It helps yo...

  • July 30 2020 12:11

    AdTech Book: A Free Online Resource to Learn Everything About Advertising Technology

    The online advertising ecosystem consists of companies, technology systems, and complex technical processes all working together to serve ads to online users across the Internet. Online advertising has brought with it a number of positives. For one, it’s provided content creators with a source of re...

  • July 29 2020 16:49

    40 Memes that Marketers Will Love

    Everybody loves a good meme collection, so we wanted to show you our favorites. Here are 40 marketing memes that will surely brighten your day. The post 40 Memes that Marketers Will Love appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • July 29 2020 16:35

    Top Facebook Updates You Can’t Miss (July 2020 Edition)

    Facebook has come under a lot of fire in the past few years, with users wary of misinformation, privacy issues, fraudulent activity. This has cost them some trust from a decent chunk of their userbase, and it’s clear that they’re working hard to earn that trust back. As a result, this month’s Facebo...

  • July 28 2020 18:58

    What to Look for When Hiring a Community Manager

    A community manager is the person that talks to your leads or customers the most, so it's important to find the right person for the job. Before you start hiring, here are our tips for what makes a great community manager. The post What to Look for When Hiring a Community Manager appeared first on D...

  • July 28 2020 16:29

    How To Create a #Hashtag Contest on Social Media

    When running a contest or giveaway, entry forms can scare potential participants away. A hashtag contest removes those barriers to entry. Your participants need only use your hashtag, and their entry will be collected in an eye-catching display. ShortStack hashtag contests allow you to collect hasht...

  • July 28 2020 14:23

    Best Time to Post on Facebook: Find the Magic Moment for Your Business

    With the growing complexity of Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, finding the best time to post on Facebook is more difficult every year. But it’s still worth researching—The truth is, the right time for you to post on Facebook will be different from the right time for someone else to post on Faceb...

  • July 27 2020 20:45

    Beauty Matching Engine: Personalized AI Recommendations That Drive Online Beauty Sales

    No-one could have realized the apocalyptic effect COVID-19 would have in our daily lives and the economy and in particular retail with the closure of many leading high street stores. It’s made brands, retailers, and consumers all rethink the future of retailing.  Beauty Matches Engine Beauty Matches...

  • July 27 2020 18:01

    How Much Does Google Ads Cost? Here’s How To Create Your Budget

    Investing in a PPC platform like Google Ads can have a significant impact on your business. In fact, according to Google, the average advertiser on their platform makes two dollars for every dollar they spend. That means the majority of people on the platform are doubling their investment. It all so...

  • July 25 2020 14:00

    How to Collect the Right Data to Boost Your Marketing

    This is the second of a three-part series delving into the process for selection and preparation for CRM + marketing automation implementation. In this installment, we delve deeper into the importance of data, the four categories of data, and how this will cause you to rethink your CTAs and webforms...

  • July 24 2020 13:49

    How to Write a Powerful and Effective Explainer Video Script

    I’m finishing up with the production of a video explainer for a client of ours this week. It’s been a simple process, but it was essential that I narrowed down the script to ensure it was as brief, impactful, and thorough as possible to ensure the explainer video has maximum impact. Explainer Videos...

  • July 23 2020 20:34

    Funnel: Collect, Transform, and Feed Marketing Data

    As more and more tools are in your sales and marketing stack, producing centralized reports can be quite the chore. Most marketers that I know spend a lot of time collecting and transforming data, then manually producing the reports they need to report on campaign and other marketing metrics. Funnel...

  • July 23 2020 18:35

    7 Tips to Improve Communication on Your Marketing Team

    Communication can be challenging, but it's an extremely important skill for marketing teams to constantly improve on. Here are 7 tips for better communication that will make your work life a lot easier. The post 7 Tips to Improve Communication on Your Marketing Team appeared first on DigitalMarketer...

  • July 22 2020 17:06

    The 8 Most Important SEO Metrics to Track

    SEO data is a marketers best friend, but what are the metrics that really track your success? Let’s look at the 8 important metrics to track your SEO ranking. The post The 8 Most Important SEO Metrics to Track appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • July 22 2020 13:33

    50+ Online SEO Tools for Audits, Backlink Monitoring, Keyword Research, and Rank Tracking

    We’re always on the lookout for great tools and with a $5 billion industry, SEO is one market that has a ton of tools to help you. Whether you’re researching you or your competitors’ backlinks, trying to identify keywords and cocurrence terms, or simply trying to monitor how your site is ranking, he...

  • July 22 2020 5:52

    Prepare for mobile-first indexing (with a little extra time)

    Mobile-first indexing has been an ongoing effort of Google for several years. We've enabled mobile-first indexing for most currently crawled sites, and enabled it by default for all the new sites. Our initial plan was to enable mobile-first indexing for all sites in Searc...

  • July 21 2020 22:53

    When is it Time to Outsource?

    Outsourcing is a big decision, but how do you know when it's time to pull the trigger? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. The post When is it Time to Outsource? appeared first on DigitalMarketer.

  • July 17 2020 13:00

    Best Agile Project Management Tools

    Leading agile project management teams can be challenging if you’re not using the right software to stay organized. Agile project management tools help you jump from daily scrums to your next sprint while providing your team with collaboration features to accomplish the common goal.  In addition to...

  • July 17 2020 9:56

    Best Business VOIP Phone Services

    A good VOIP phone service makes for happier customers. After all, if they can contact you easily, you’ll be able to address their needs easily as well. Along with a phone system, you also need to invest in the ability to make contacts through social media, email, and chat.  So if you can save some [...

  • July 16 2020 13:00

    Best Business Intelligence Software

    Business Intelligence software—or BI software—is a set of tools designed to make sense of large data sets.  Companies across all industries are compiling massive amounts of data at scale. But that data is useless if you can’t use it to make crucial business decisions. BI software helps organizations...

  • July 16 2020 7:56

    How to Buy a Domain Name for Free

    If you want to start a blog, website, or E-commerce store, you’ve probably heard that you need a domain name, along with other things like web hosting.  You can think of a domain name like the address of your house or apartment. Behind every domain name is a string of numbers called an IP address. [...

  • July 15 2020 17:27

    Social Media and Local Search: How to Optimize Your Profiles for Local Customers

    When most resources talk about increasing visibility on social media, they’re focused on driving more followers in their target audience in general, foregoing concerns about geographic location entirely. This works for eCommerce businesses that benefit from social clout and followers from all (or at...

  • July 15 2020 13:00

    Best Video Conferencing Software

    With more people working from home than ever before, video conferencing software has become necessary to run businesses effectively.  Remote work is the future. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have face-to-face interactions with colleagues and employees. Video conferencing software makes this possib...

  • July 15 2020 7:44

    Best VPN Services

    Whether you’re looking for more security or you just want to check out some new movies on Netflix, you need a VPN service. A good VPN makes sure that your privacy online is protected, while giving you access to websites and content that might typically be limited to certain countries. There are a TO...

  • July 14 2020 17:17

    Full-Funnel Strategy: the Recipe for Successful Google Ads

    Most standard full-funnel marketing strategies focus on the classic “drive them down” approach with the end result being the conversion of those at the bottom. What if we prove to you that by flipping the script you can, simultaneously, convert users (with buying intent), work your way up the funnel...

  • July 14 2020 13:00

    Best Conference Call Services

    Effective communication can make or break the success of your organization. This holds true for large enterprises to small businesses, startups, and everything in between.  With remote work becoming the new normal, the ability to connect with employees and colleagues in various locations throughout...

  • July 13 2020 13:00

    Best Business Phone Systems

    Businesses today are faced with seemingly endless options for phone systems—from traditional landlines to VoIP phones, cloud solutions, on-premises deployment, and everything in between.  The search can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, we’ve conducted extensive research...

  • July 10 2020 9:00

    New predictive capabilities in Google Analytics

    Google Analytics helps you measure the actions people take across your app and website. By applying Google’s machine learning models, Analytics can analyze your data and predict future actions people may take. Today we are introducing two new predictive metrics to App + Web properties. The first is...

  • July 9 2020 9:00

    Create 3D Immersive Ad Experiences on Display & Video 360

    Last year we announced the beta launch of Swirl, an immersive 3D ad format that allows people to interact with an ad in a new way. Today, we are making Swirl available to all Display & Video 360 customers globally.Swirl lets consumers engage with a product like it's right in front of them by all...

  • July 7 2020 14:20

    The Rich Results Test is out of beta

    Today we are announcing that the Rich Results Test fully supports all Google Search rich result features - it’s out of beta 🥳. In addition, we are preparing to deprecate the Structured Data Testing Tool 👋 - it will still be available for the time being, but going forward we strongly recommend you us...

  • July 3 2020 13:01

    How spam reports are used at Google

    Thanks to our users, we receive hundreds of spam reports every day. While many of the spam reports lead to manual actions, they represent a small fraction of the manual actions we issue. Most of the manual actions come from the work our internal teams regularly do to detect spam and improve search r...

  • June 24 2020 13:00

    New ways to put your customers first and achieve your marketing objectives

    Life looks very different now for my family than it did earlier this year. From juggling work priorities to managing distance learning for my kids, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. As we adapt, we’re relying on our phones to get things done.How can brands lend a hand? We believe ther...

  • June 22 2020 14:17

    How to Choose a Marketing Automation Platform

    One of the initiatives I work on with our clients here at Convince & Convert is marketing automation vendor selection. Based on our experience in this space, here is the process we use to choose the best marketing automation platform for your business. This is the first in a three-part series de...

  • June 22 2020 12:00

    Automate campaign management with Display & Video 360’s API

    Marketers are always looking for ways to reduce the time their teams spend on manual, repetitive tasks so they can do more strategic work—like keeping pace with what their customers are seeking and delivering experiences to match. This is especially true in times of rapidly changing consumer behavio...

  • June 18 2020 14:00

    Drive results with new direct response solutions on YouTube

    Prolonged store closures have forced brands around the world to recalibrate their media campaigns to focus on driving online sales. With this shift to digital, it’s become even clearer that every advertiser is a performance advertiser. With YouTube, marketers have the flexibility to shift budgets an...

  • June 18 2020 4:16

    Coronavirus, Winners and Losers

    Clearly, the new normal won’t look like the old-normal. I think the gorilla in the room is unemployment. The numbers vary but about 25 million people, 16% of the population, are unemployed. The implication is reversion to the traditional recession hierarchy of needs: shelter and food at the top with...

  • June 17 2020 13:00

    Smart campaigns helps small businesses reach more customers

    Small businesses are looking for tools to get their business online and reach the right audience. Smart campaigns, built specifically for small businesses, is an automated tool that helps you promote your business on Google. We recently rolled out Google Ads Smart campaigns to all 150 countries wher...

  • June 17 2020 13:00

    Helping businesses and nonprofits recover

    In the last few months, COVID-19 has impacted businesses in profound ways. Throughout that time, I’ve heard from organizations, large and small, how they’re staying connected with customers through technology. This has always been core to my team’s purpose, but we can do more to help businesses and ...

  • June 11 2020 17:00

    Upcoming update to housing, employment, and credit advertising policies

    Our Google Ads policies are written to protect users, advertisers, and publishers, and prohibit advertisers from unlawful behavior like discriminating against users. We also give users control over the kinds of ads they see, including the ability to opt out of seeing any personalized ads. Our ads po...

  • June 11 2020 12:00

    Display & Video 360 tools to navigate the TV streaming boom

    Over the past few months, people have spent a remarkable amount of time watching connected TV at home. As a result, Display & Video 360's connected TV available inventory surged by 75 percent in April 2020 from the previous year. And this doesn’t include YouTube and YouTube TV, which over 100 mi...

  • June 9 2020 17:55

    How we fought Search spam on Google - Webspam Report 2019

    Every search matters. That is why whenever you come to Google Search to find relevant and useful information, it is our ongoing commitment to make sure users receive the highest quality results possible. Unfortunately, on the web there are some disruptive behaviors and content that we call "webspam...

  • May 28 2020 16:00

    Evaluating page experience for a better web

    Through both internal studies and industry research, users show they prefer sites with a great page experience. In recent years, Search has added a variety of user experience criteria, such as how quickly pages load and mobile-friendliness, as factors for ranking results. Earlier this month, the Chr...

  • May 27 2020 17:00

    Inspire new customers in their moments of discovery

    Last year we introduced Discovery ads as a new way to help people discover and engage with your brand as they scroll through their favorite content. In April, we made Discovery ads generally available for all advertisers globally. For the first time, you can reach up to 2.9 billion people as they ex...

  • May 26 2020 9:35

    Frequently asked questions about JavaScript and links

    We get lots of questions every day - in our Webmaster office hours, at conferences, in the webmaster forum and on Twitter. One of the more frequent themes among these questions are links and especially those generated through JavaScript. In our Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks video series, we r...

  • May 21 2020 15:00

    Navigating the road ahead: The benefits of real-time marketing

    Changes in consumer behavior have always resulted in adjustments to marketing strategies. COVID-19 has shown how quickly consumers’ interests, expectations, and purchasing behavior can shift—and with it, an ebb and flow in demand for products and services. Despite these changes, consumer expectation...

  • May 19 2020 20:32

    Google Translate’s Website Translator - available for non-commercial use

    In this time of a global pandemic, webmasters across the world—from government officials to health organizations—are frequently updating their websites with the latest information meant to help fight the spread of COVID-19 and provide access to resources. However, they often lack the time or funding...

  • May 19 2020 12:00

    Make the best of YouTube yours with YouTube Select

    Helping you connect with your audience is our top priority. This is especially important as digital takes precedence in how we interact, communicate and stay connected.To make this even easier for your brand, today we’re announcing a new global content solution called YouTube Select—a reimagination...

  • May 19 2020 11:33

    New reports for Guided Recipes on Assistant in Search Console

    Over the past two years, Google Assistant has helped users around the world cook yummy recipes and discover new favorites. During this time, web site owners have had to wait for Google to reprocess their web pages before they could see their updates on the Assistant. Along the way, we’ve heard many...

  • May 18 2020 15:00

    Navigating the road ahead: How consumers are adjusting to COVID-19

    COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live our lives and how we connect with the world around us. Things like social distancing, curbside pickup, and at-home workouts are now commonplace. The necessary measures taken to manage the pandemic have not only disrupted the global economy, but have...

  • May 18 2020 9:00

    New automated bidding solutions in Display & Video 360

    Automated bidding in Display & Video 360 helps advertisers respond to what consumers are seeking in the moment by using Google’s advanced machine learning to predict campaign performance and place your bids accordingly. As customer behavior changes, automated bidding adapts and tailors your bids...

  • May 11 2020 14:00

    Promote curbside pickup in your local inventory ads

    In today’s rapidly changing environment, people are looking for real-time updates when it comes to store information and product availability. Searches for “in-stock” grew more than 70 percent globally from the week of March 28 to April 4, as consumers sought to avoid ecommerce shipping delays. We’r...

  • May 4 2020 13:00

    How to Increase Conversion Rates With Web Analytics

    To increase conversion rates on your website, you need to understand its current state. What is your overall conversion rate? Which pages are performing well (according to the numbers)?  Which pages are performing poorly? What tests can be carried out based on these analyses? What can you learn abou...

  • May 2 2020 3:32

    Beyond the press release – the permanence of PR for SEO

    Traditional public relations best practices evolved from a period in time where the press hit was a flash-in-the-pan. You’d get your press hit and that was the end of it. If it was a hit in the press, you’d get a “tear sheet” and buy a few copies of the newspaper or magazine, and that […] The post B...

  • April 30 2020 9:00

    Reach your audience where they are now with Display & Video 360

    Media consumption habits are rapidly changing. Planning tools that are tightly connected to your media buying platform can help you reassess your media plans and quickly adjust your ad strategy to reach people where they are now.We’re expanding the reach forecasting capabilities in Display & Vid...

  • April 24 2020 14:50

    What is & What is NewsCorp Thinking?

    I came across a banner ad for Knews while reading a typically titillating story on the NY Post. Because my nonprofit Giving Forward is launching Herald Times, I’ve been paying attention to new news sites. This 300 x 240 banner fit the bill. The banner was mildly engaging. Clicked and got to a user e...

  • April 16 2020 9:00

    It’s faster and easier to use Ads Data Hub

    Advertisers tell us that understanding the business impact of their marketing is more important than ever. But they also report that it’s becoming more difficult as the industry—in response to growing concerns about privacy—changes its practices around how data is collected and used. Ads Data Hub en...

  • April 13 2020 16:33

    Personalization in Digital Marketing: What It is and How to Make It Happen

    Personalization seems to be one of the hottest buzzwords in the marketing world at the moment. However, not many people know how to do it effectively. Naturally, there’s a lot of confusion around this concept. What is personalization in digital marketing? Personalization is the process of knowing t...

  • March 18 2020 19:30

    How to Keep Your Marketing Team Together Using Calendar Apps

    To manage my projects, I work with a team of five people, including myself. It’s not a big team, but it took us time to set up an effective marketing routine among the 5 of us. Every month we take on a series of tasks for our brand, working to increase exposure, solidify social presence, […] The pos...

  • March 16 2020 13:40

    How ​to​ ​Create a​ ​Webinar from Scratch in 10 Simple Steps

    This 10-step process will help you create a webinar that attracts, educates, and excites the largest and most engaged audience possible. The post How ​to​ ​Create a​ ​Webinar from Scratch in 10 Simple Steps appeared first on Content Marketing Consulting and Social Media Strategy.

  • March 16 2020 12:08

    Ad-Land Goes Remote – Budgets Evaporate

    With the COVID-19 / Coronavirus mitigation plans in place for NYC and most large cities, and nearly every marketing and advertising event canceled Ad-Land is working remotely. Advertising and marketing is a social activity, from strategy and creative through execution, there has always been some ele...

  • March 6 2020 10:00

    How to Understand Your Customers’ Buying Journeys And Engage Them at Each Touchpoint

    With advancing technology, the buyer journey has changed dramatically. Empowered with multiple devices and tools (price comparison platforms, discount shopping platforms, shopping rewards platforms, product review aggregating platforms, etc.), purchasing decisions have become more unpredictable, and...

  • February 25 2020 20:03

    Martech Stack Optimization: 5 Insights for 2020

    Marketing continues to become more complex as marketing professionals have more and more marketing tactics available. Marketers need to think about content, website, mobile, SEO, SEM, programmatic advertising, video, podcasts, webinars, email, automation, personalization, data, social media, account...

  • February 17 2020 13:12

    How to Run Online Contests and Giveaways Like a Pro

    Wondering how to run brand contests and giveaways like a pro? Contests and giveaways can be an amazingly easy and quick way to generate positive engagement, get more traffic to your website and, most importantly, generate more leads for your business. That said, holding an online contest is not as e...

  • December 29 2019 18:17

    Hey Twitter, is Surfermom77 a Russian Account?

    Hey Twitter, have a question for you, but first… Let’s compare the political advertising ban at Twitter to the “Earned Media” impact that a fake profile can have when multiplied one-thousand-fold. Since the eMarketing Association is all about Marketing & Advertising, let’s look at how a photo by...

  • October 4 2019 9:06

    Strategic CMO: David Levin of Bob’s Discount Furniture

    On August 23rd, 2019, Kevin Lee, of Didit and the eMarketing Association, interviewed David Levin, VP, Customer Experience & Digital Innovation, Bob’s Discount Furniture. A range of topics was discussed, including: 1. How brands can differentiate themselves in the “age of Amazon.” 2. The sales t...

  • October 3 2019 15:39

    The Many (Bitter) Flavors of Influencer Fraud

    Social media influencers have been grabbing a bigger piece of the digital ad pie. In 2019, about $8 billion was paid to influencers to promote consumer products; this figure is expected to jump to $15 billion by 2022. Because there’s big money on the table here, ineffective self-regulation on the pa...

  • September 5 2019 16:26

    Sharpie Takes a Wait-and-See Approach to #SharpieGate on Social Media

    Sometimes lightning strikes for a brand — and that downward heavenly spark struck this past week in the wake of “SharpieGate” — the multi-day worldwide mediafest generated when POTUS modified an official weather map to indicate that Hurricane Dorian would impact Alabama. Suddenly Sharpies became top...

  • August 22 2019 18:23

    Marketing and HR – Disturbing Results of Girls Who Code Survey

    You may not think that the experiences of interviewees (internship, part time, full time or contract), is of concern to the marketing team. Well, it is because in this age of social media a negative experience with a brand, not only by a customer, but interviewee can have a lasting negative brand im...

  • August 21 2019 22:50

    ### @ the end of a Press Release

    Halo Group (a Didit Company) has an article where they explain why ### three pound or hash tags are used at the end of a press release. That article ranks #1 in google for a variety of searches including just the ### as well as permutations that include related press release questions. I’m not as […...