A New Photo Book Is Documenting African Surf Culture

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Posted: September 18 2020 @ 4:21 AM | From: www.creativereview.co.uk | Author: Aimée McLaughlin

Traditionally surf culture has been dominated by the image of the blue-eyed and blonde-haired beach bum. In reality, the sport’s history is much more nuanced.

African surf brand Mami Wata is looking to change the narrative around the sport with its new project, a Kickstarter for the first book to comprehensively document and celebrate surfing and surf culture in Africa.

Afrosurf aims to capture the unique history and experiences of surfers in Morocco, Ghana, Senegal, Mozambique, Sao Tome, South Africa, Liberia, Somalia, Nigeria, Cote DíIvoire, Cabo Verde, Sierra Leone, Madagascar and more.

The limited edition, 300-page book features over 200 photos, along with surfer profiles, thought pieces and a photo comic.

It also addresses the importance of protecting the natural, economic and social resources related to African surf culture, and the important role it will play in the future development of the continent.

Profits from sales of the book will go to charities including surf therapy project Waves for Change and Surfers Not Street Children.

Find out more about the Afrosurf Kickstarter, which runs until September 21, here

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