This Ad Gives 2020 The Send-off (and Middle Finger) It Deserves

As calendar years go, 2020 is the worst in recent memory. A global pandemic triggering historic levels of death and job loss. The continued abuse and murder of Black Americans at the hands of police. A clusterf**k of a Presidential election and the Trump administration’s increased divorce from reality. It’s been a lot.

Toronto-based social impact agency Public decided to give this crappy year the send off it deserves, and for a good cause: to raise awareness and donations for the Mental Health Coalition in the United States and the Black Health Alliance in Canada.

It serves up a hearty f**k you to COVID-19, school closings, canceled weddings, toilet paper hoarders, “all lives matter,” murder hornets, the killers of Breonna Taylor, and much more.

Public founder and CEO Phillip Haid says despite all the challenges so many have endured this past year, there’s still room for optimism and joy. “And our mental health depends on it,” says Haid. “This is why we decided to create a campaign that reflects what many people are feeling and thinking and channel it into a fundraiser for mental health organizations. Both organizations take a collaborative, partnership-based approach to achieve results, something we need more and more of in this world.”

So let it all out, donate to a good cause if you can, and let’s hope for a better 2021.

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December 17 2020 | Jeff Beer