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    The Best Apps And Games Of 2020

    Winner [Image: Within]SupernaturalWithinA virtual-reality fitness app that transports users to far-flung corners of the earth, from the Galápagos’s Isabela Island tothe ruins of Machu Picchu, to make exercising at home feel like a vacation Finalists [Image: Adobe]Adobe AeroAdobe [Image: Adobe]Adobe... Read more

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    The Most Innovative Fashion And Beauty Projects Of 2020

    Winner [Photo: Clove]CloveCloveA cushioned, liquid-repellent shoe designed to make healthcare workers safer and more comfortable on the job Finalists [Photo: Vollebak]Deep Sleep CocoonVollebak [Photo: Dyson]Dyson CorraleDyson [Photo: & Other Stories]Giorgia Lupi & Other StoriesPentagram [Pho... Read more

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    This New Platform Could Change The Future Of Money In Politics

    The presidential election is mere weeks away and the recent death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a crushing blow to Democrats. It was also incredibly galvanizing: In the days following her death, more than $160 million was raised on progressive platform ActBlue. But unless you’re a political wunderkind,... Read more

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    The Most Innovative Wellness Projects Of 2020

    Winner [Photo: Overland Partners]ChildSafe Harvey E. Najim Children and Family CenterOverland PartnersA trauma care center for abused children in San Antonio that highlights the restorative power of nature, with ample views of the outdoors, natural materials, and a healing garden Finalists [Photo: D... Read more

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    Walmart’s New Store Design Proves Browsing Is Dead

    COVID-19 has changed the way we shop. Even with much of the U.S. back open for business, online sales were still up 40% in August versus the year prior. And Americans have spent $107 billion more online than they had last year by this point. The days of lazily strolling through store aisles are over... Read more

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    Tara Anand’s Rich Illustrations Tell The Stories Of People Around Her

    Working between Mumbai and New York, Anand’s vivid editorial illustrations have been commissioned by the New Yorker, Vogue India, Google and more The post Tara Anand’s rich illustrations tell the stories of people around her appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

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    European Kids Love This Screen-free Storytelling Device. Now U.S. Kids Can Get It Too

    Over the weekend, my family drove to a cabin in the woods for a short getaway. On the two-hour-long drive there and back, something magical happened: My 4-year-old daughter, Ella, didn’t need our attention, nor did she once ask, “Are we there yet?” And no, she wasn’t glued to a screen. She was compl... Read more

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    Why Senators All Dress The Same

    When Richard Nixon praised his wife’s “respectable Republican cloth coat” in his 1952 Checkers speech, her clothes were not the point. Rather, Nixon drew a direct line from a coat to the values he proclaimed—frugality, integrity, public service—to counter accusations of financial impropriety. Nixon... Read more

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    Ballots Are Inexplicably Confusing. Here Are 4 Tips For Filling Yours Out Correctly

    From questions about the reliability of the USPS, to mail-in ballots versus absentee, to drop-off boxes, to voting in person during a pandemic, there’s a slew of potential challenges for voters to navigate this election season. And with ballot designs varying from district to district (see Pennsylva... Read more

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    Sustainable Sports Brand Hylo Debuts Its Ultra-minimal Branding

    Hylo’s lightning bolt is coming for Nike’s tick, as the sports brand unveils its minimalist visual identity and its first running shoe The post Sustainable sports brand Hylo debuts its ultra-minimal branding appeared first on Creative Review. Read more