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  • Posted: December 11 2020 @ 4:00 | From:

    This Corporate Campus Is Now A Mini Smart City

    With 36 buildings, 25,000 employees, and hundreds of acres of land, the San Diego campus of telecommunications giant Qualcomm is almost a city in itself. That made it the perfect testing ground for a suite of new technologies aimed at making spaces and cities smarter. Over the past year, the company... Read more

  • Posted: December 11 2020 @ 3:00 | From:

    The Best Gift For People Who Are Really Into Architecture? Skyscraper Sex Toys

    Need a last-minute gift for the architecture enthusiast in your life? Does that person also enjoy butt plugs? If so, look no further. The New York-based interior architecture and exhibition design firm Wolfgang + Hite has turned New York City’s skyscraper-studded $25 billion mega-development Hudson... Read more

  • Posted: December 11 2020 @ 2:30 | From:

    Do The Green Thing Has Got Your Socially-distanced Secret Santa Covered

    Gift your colleagues a month of motivational memes or a bespoke ASMR session this festive seasion, courtesy of environmental non-profit Do The Green Thing The post Do the Green Thing has got your socially-distanced Secret Santa covered appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: December 11 2020 @ 2:27 | From:

    English National Ballet Goes Virtual For The Festive Season

    The ballet company is marking its first digital season with five original dance films that are being released every week up until Christmas on its new digital platform, ENB at Home The post English National Ballet goes virtual for the festive season appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: December 11 2020 @ 2:00 | From:

    Why ’70s Design Is Making A Comeback

    What will our homes look like in 2021? A lot like they did in the 1970s, according to more than 600 interior designers interviewed by design marketplace 1stDibs. Next year, expect to see a lot of warm, earthy tones, like cobalt blue, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. Consumers will also embrace prin... Read more

  • Posted: December 11 2020 @ 1:00 | From:

    These Are The Best COVID-19 Signs We’ve Seen

    You can’t help but look at these and smile. Which is odd, because they’re informational COVID-19 posters. You know the ones. “Wash your hands.” “Keep six feet of distance.” All typically conveyed in a clean, no-nonsense fashion. But with a range of splashy, high-contrast colors, asymmetrical layouts... Read more

  • Posted: December 10 2020 @ 11:01 | From:

    Breaking: Ideo Is Laying Off 8% Of Its Global Workforce

    Ideo is one of the most famous global design agencies in the world. Founded in 1991, it is celebrated for popularizing the modern corporate mantra of design thinking. It’s also known for a top-tier client list including companies such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and Apple, with estimated annual revenues o... Read more

  • Posted: December 10 2020 @ 8:07 | From:

    Tiktok’s In-app Creative Toolkit Takes Content To The Next Level

    In the fifth part of our partner content series, which will explore the enhanced creative capabilities available within the TikTok app, we look at how Creators are harnessing the power of its toolbox and why brands don’t need to be editing experts to get involved – and go viral The post Tiktok’s in-... Read more

  • Posted: December 10 2020 @ 7:32 | From:

    The Elevator Pitch Is More Alive Than Ever, As Long As You Get It Right

    In the fast-paced, trend-adopting scene of the marketing and advertising industries, the elevator pitch has been proclaimed dead. Of course, this is not an absolute statement, as some of us might radically oppose this standpoint. But for many, its very name triggers fantasies... Read more

  • Posted: December 10 2020 @ 5:16 | From:

    Pantone’s 2021 Colour Of The Year Is… Grey And Yellow

    Illuminating and Ultimate Gray are next year’s hues of choice according to Pantone’s yearly prediction The post Pantone’s 2021 Colour of the Year is… grey and yellow appeared first on Creative Review. Read more