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  • Posted: December 9 2020 @ 0:00 | From:

    Amazon’s Smiling Worker Ad Blitz Is Right Out Of Big Tech’s Sly New Playbook

    If you learned everything you know about what it’s like to work in Amazon warehouses from the company’s new three-part series of advertisements, you’d think they rival Disneyland as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” The campaign, developed by Peter Berg’s production company Film 45, introduces us to mo... Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 6:15 | From:

    Designers Turn Architectural Ruins Into Gorgeous Public Plazas

    The center of the town Olot, Spain, is almost half empty. The slow outward migration of development from the core of this 15th century Catalonian town 70 miles north of Barcelona has shrunk the population and led to a series of demolitions of aging buildings. To try to stop the town center’s decline... Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 3:00 | From:

    Jane Jacobs V. Robert Moses—the Story Is More Surprising Than You Think

    As digital systems multiply across the urban landscape, they are producing immense streams of data that can help inform how we manage and plan cities. The potential now exists, at a scale previously unavailable, to directly measure issues that have been central to urban planning since its inception,... Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 3:00 | From:

    How To Continue A Creative Legacy

    As Design Bridge founder Graham Shearsby brings his time at the studio to a close, CR chats with him and successor CCO Emma Follett about the challenges of handing over the creative baton The post How to continue a creative legacy appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 2:42 | From:

    What Will British Branding Look Like Post-Brexit?

    Is branding’s post-Brexit future a sea of Union Jacks, or does the UK's exit from the European Union offer a chance for companies to explore what being British actually means? The post What will British branding look like post-Brexit? appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 2:32 | From:

    BBH’s Talent Showcase Unsigned Is Back With Its 2020 Winners

    The latest edition of Unsigned has launched with its 'class of 2020' displayed in a magazine format, and aims to continue to be a driver for change in the industry The post BBH’s talent showcase Unsigned is back with its 2020 winners appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 2:24 | From:

    Photographing Dreams And Reality In A Johannesburg Suburb

    Lindokuhle Sobekwa and Cyprien Clément-Delmas photographed the people and places of the Afrikaner suburb Daleside, exploring class, struggle and hierarchies on both sides of the lens The post Photographing dreams and reality in a Johannesburg suburb appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 2:00 | From:

    The 5 Most Influential Fashion Designers You’ve Never Heard Of

    Since the Middle Ages, the prestigious work of tailoring—designing garment patterns and cutting expensive cloth—was deemed men’s work. Women were relegated to the subservient, lower-paying role of seamstress, which involved sewing together these swaths of fabric. [Photo: Kathy Tarantola/© 2020 Peabo... Read more

  • Posted: December 8 2020 @ 1:00 | From:

    This Breakthrough Electric Vehicle Never Needs To Be Plugged In

    Electric cars are, in just about every quantifiable way, superior to gasoline vehicles. They accelerate with the speed of exotic supercars. They can run off clean, green power. And with fewer moving parts, electric cars are remarkably durable, with low maintenance costs. However, you still have to c... Read more

  • Posted: December 7 2020 @ 9:00 | From:

    Different Strokes

    Using illustrators from underrepresented backgrounds doesn't just tick a box: it enriches your creative output too The post Different strokes appeared first on Creative Review. Read more