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  • Posted: January 20 2021 @ 1:00 | From:

    We Still Don’t Know What The Hyperloop Will Feel Like, But Here’s How It Will Sound

    I hear a movie theater. A Coke commercial. An Ed Sheeran song. A theme from Avatar. But I’m not listening to any of those things. It’s actually the new sonic identity for the Virgin Hyperloop. The Hyperloop is, as everyone affiliated with the Hyperloop likes to mention, the first new mode of transpo... Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 9:13 | From:

    How To Be A Purpose Champion

    For businesses, purpose is much more than having the highest moral ground – it’s a way of aligning actions for long-term success. Every business operates with some kind of purpose – even if that purpose is to solely drive profit. Purpose, rather than a bragging right, or a ch... Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 4:13 | From:

    Chloe Dewe Mathews On Her Five-year Project Capturing The River Thames

    The photographer explores our relationship with the river – which stretches over 210 miles long – by documenting the rituals and everyday acts that take place along its banks The post Chloe Dewe Mathews on her five-year project capturing the River Thames appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 4:13 | From:

    Seesaws Along US-Mexico Border Named The Design Museum’s Top Pick Of 2020

    Teeter-Totter Wall has been announced as the overall winner of the Beazley Designs of the Year, while category winners include a Covid-19 visualisation and a portable school The post Seesaws along US-Mexico border named the Design Museum’s top pick of 2020 appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 4:12 | From:

    Around The Block Celebrates The Horror And Opportunity Of The Blank Page

    The short film, directed by Jonnie Lewis, draws parallels between the sidewalk creatures of Michigan street artist David Zinn and the importance of getting your idea out and into the world The post Around the Block celebrates the horror and opportunity of the blank page appeared first on Creative Re... Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 4:10 | From:

    Behind The Scenes Of Burger King’s Juicy Rebrand

    JKR executive creative director Lisa Smith explains why the fast food giant ditched the glossy buns and embraced a bit of nostalgia, to become “how you imagine BK to be on its best day” The post Behind the scenes of Burger King’s juicy rebrand appeared first on Creative Review. Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 4:00 | From:

    Three Shockingly Obvious Ways To Make Flying Less Miserable

    There’s a distinct lack of common sense in our world. What once was “common” has mysteriously vanished, with an impact on every minute of our lives. But there’s encouraging news, too: a solution to the problem. As a global consultant, I am ostensibly hired by organizations to create or fix brands, b... Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 3:00 | From:

    This Gorgeous New Children’s Book Celebrates Black Lives Matter

    During the protests for racial justice this past summer and over the past few years, Black Lives Matter became a movement and rallying cry, a message of optimism and hope, and a simple statement of affirmation: the lives of Black people matter as much as anyone else’s. [Image: courtesy Tilbury House... Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 2:00 | From:

    Poshmark’s Explosive IPO Bodes Well For The Resale Industry, But How Sustainable Is Secondhand?

    Used clothes, it turns out, are worth a lot of money. Poshmark, which had a hotly-anticipated IPO last week, ended its first day of trading with a valuation of $7.4 billion. It’s a sign that the secondhand market is booming and that investors see continued potential for growth. But even as Poshmark’... Read more

  • Posted: January 19 2021 @ 1:00 | From:

    You Can’t Use Bleach To Sterilize The White House. Here’s What Experts Recommend Instead

    We all have witnessed Donald Trump’s callous disregard for the health of the American people during COVID-19. That extends to his own staff. He discredited his own coronavirus advisor Anthony Fauci, his cabinet has refused to wear masks at the White House, and there have been multiple White House ou... Read more