10 Essential And Successful Relationship Skills

Relationship skills

Relationships are an essential part of human life. People often struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship with their spouse because of the complicated nature of relationships. Couples start wondering whether they have made a mistake of getting into a relationship as soon as the honeymoon period is over. They start doubting their choices and many couples end up getting divorced. Because of this reason, the divorce rate in states is increasing exponentially.The reason behind the increase in divorce rates is the lack of relationship skills.

People switch from one relationship to another without realizing what it takes to have a successful relationship.

This article will sum up a few relationship skills that will help you lead a successful relationship.

10 Essential Relationship Skills

1. Communication

Open communication is the first and most important relationship skill. Having open communication with your spouse will eliminate several problems and misunderstandings from your relationship. In the digital era, various technologies and different indirect modes of communication like text, chat, email, voice calls, and video calls have made the relationship among people even more complicated.

Misunderstanding through indirect communication takes place because of the lack of intimacy. No matter how pro you are using technology, you will never guess the person’s emotions on the opposite side 100% accurately. Therefore, when it comes to communicating with your partner, make sure that you opt for face-to-face communication rather than phone or text.

One mistake that most couples make is that they spend much time communicating and learning about one another, and as their relationship grows, they stop learning about each other.

This is when problems start happening among couples—no matter whether your relationship is two decades old or two months old. Never make the mistake of thinking that you know everything about your partner.

Spare some time of the day to communicate with your partner. Ask straightforward questions rather than making assumptions. Honest and open communication is a relationship skill that can help you have a long-lasting relationship with your partner.

2. Having fun

Having fun in each other’s company and enjoying each other’s company is something that holds couples together.

Can you recall the times when you first got attracted to your partner?

You fell in love with them because of the way you felt when you were with them.

The spark from the relationship of people fades away because they stop having fun together. They get occupied by work and maintaining their relationship so much that they forget to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Having fun in a new relationship is relatively easy as you explore new territories with each other. But having fun in old relationships requires additional efforts.

Make sure to take time out to spend time with each other and do activities that you love to do together.

3. Honesty

Honesty in Relationship Skills

Honesty is a relationship skill that most people underestimate. Honesty is one of the main supporting pillars of a healthy relationship. If you want a healthy and long-lasting relationship with your spouse, remaining honest about everything is necessary.

When it comes to relationships, many people choose to lie to avoid conflicts, and most of the time, it works for them too. It saves them efforts and energy to confront disputes in a short period. But remember that whenever the truth reveals itself, it will come out like a bomb. It will make the problem more complicated and break the trust of your partner in you.

Lying will only create distance between you and will bring the district into your relationship. Therefore, make sure to remain truthful and honest with your partner under all circumstances.

In addition to being honest, also be considerate when your partner comes to you and with what he comes to with truth. Work as a team to solve the issue rather than pointing fingers at each other.

4. Dealing with conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable when you are in a relationship. But how do you solve your disputes makes the difference in the relationship. Having arguments with your partner in a relationship is usually considered bad, but holding back grudges are even worse.

Shouting while arguing with your partner will only make the matter worse. Use a soft tone and words while trying to solve the issue. Remember that you have a discussion to solve the matter, not to point out each other’s shortcomings or mistakes.

Don’t be insensitive when your partner has made a mistake. Be willing to forgive each other and let go of each other’s mistakes and the desire to win.

5. Empathy

People being Empathetic is a good relationship skill

Being empathetic towards your partner will make your relationship strong. Most people forget to show empathy when their opponent is at fault. Listening to each other and being considerate towards each other’s feelings will only make your relationship strong.

However, the lack of empathy can break your relationship. Such behavior can encourage your partner to look for compassion outside the relationship.

Being empathic is a relationship skill that keeps your relationship together. Understanding your partner and reaching a middle ground is a way to make your partner know how much you value your relationship with them and the efforts and sacrifices you are willing to put into maintaining your relationship.

6. Commitment

Committing yourself to someone is not just a phrase. It is a relationship skill that one should have for a long-lasting relationship. Commitment means you are willing to promise to be with someone in low and high ways.

You plan your future together and face problems together. You plan for the future together and stand with each other to meet the present issues. Committing yourself to someone means you are willing to accept their shortcomings and help them work on them.

Pay full attention to your partner even when you have a small discussion and get rid of any distractions. In this way, you show your partner how much you value their company and how important their feelings are for you.

7. Optimism

Even though optimism is a relationship skill, it is a life skill necessary to lead a good and healthy life. A person with a positive attitude can look for the good in everything.

In a relationship, an optimistic person will look for positive points in their partner and overlook their weaknesses. They will always keep a positive attitude no matter the situation and encourage their partner to remain positive.

Keeping a positive attitude to deal with the problems might make the situation easy and help you get through the situation firmly and happily.

8. Calmness

A Woman being Calm in Nature

Calmness is a virtue that can help you build a strong relationship with your partner. If you are calm, you can handle any situation properly. The fight between couples become worse when they react with a troubled and angry mind. The same issue can be avoided if one of the partners is calm.

The skill of calmness can be achieved by practicing thinking before speaking and reflecting on the partner’s perspective.

By remaining calm, you can avoid several heated arguments with your partner and save yourself from saying hurtful things to your partner. A calm person can communicate effectively and solve the issue by making his partner understand their perspective.

9. Love

Love is one of the main pillars of any relationship. However, it is not wrong to say that love is a crucial relationship skill. Loving someone is not enough. You will have to make continuous efforts to make your partner loved.

Most of the time, it happens that people forget to show affection and love to their partner. They become so involved in their day to day life and jobs that they hardly spend any quality time with their partners.

Loving your partner doesn’t mean only saying “I love you” from time to time. But it also means to become friends with each other and have erotic feelings for each other.

The art of loving your partner can both be challenging and easy at the same time. You can keep the spark alive in your relationship by spending alone time with each other and going on dates. In addition to this, you can also show your love to your partner by respecting and understanding them.

10. Providing emotional support

The last relationship skill that I want you to suggest to learn is providing emotional support to your partner. Humans need emotional support to survive.

Especially when it comes to men, we forget to offer them emotional support. Because of this, men cheat on their wives or girlfriends to seek emotional help from outside their relationship.


Relationships hold a unique role in a person’s life. People can’t live happily if they don’t have a healthy relationship with their partner. However, maintaining a relationship is not an easy task, and you will be required to put extra effort to have a happy and long-lasting relationship.

Relationship skills can help you in creating and maintaining a long-lasting relationship with your partner. Learn and practice the above-mentioned relationship skills to lead a healthy and happy relationship.

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January 6 2021 | Hitesh Bhasin