Registered Trademark Symbol | Meaning, Usage And How To Write?

Posted: February 22 2021 @ 12:30 PM | Author: Hitesh Bhasin

Registered Trademark Symbol

The registered trademark symbol or ® acknowledges that the preceding symbol or word is a trademark legally registered with the office of the national trademark. The service mark is a typographic symbol that represents a product or a company.

The ® symbol, along with other symbols, is often used as superscript or small signs just after the marks. The company designs these in fonts as per the set rules and regulations.

How to write the Registered Trademark symbol?

If you are using the Microsoft Office system, then it is possible to take the help of parenthesis: (c) (TM) (r) to write down the different trademark as well as copyright symbols. The autocorrect option will automatically help to modify them further.

  • For the registered trademark symbol ®, you can write it with the help of Option + R

  • For the trademark symbol ™, you can write it with the help of Option + 2

  • To write the copyright symbol ©, use Option + C

  • To write the SM symbol in a browser, use the HTML code “℠”

If you are using the Windows system, then it is possible to use keyboard shortcuts to write down the various trademark and copyright symbols.

  • The registered trademark symbol is ®, and you can write it with the help of Alt + 0174

  • ™ is a trademark symbol, and you can write it with the help of Alt + 0153

  • To write the copyright symbol ©, use Alt + 0169

Understanding the various symbol

Usage of the registered symbol

The various symbols are considered informative and, as a fact, do not have any IP rights protection.

The registered symbol R or ® is used as a protection in case of both products and services. The primary example is Adidas, which uses this symbol for its products. The R in a circle or the symbol ® indicates that the trademark has already been registered and approved by proper authorities.

Using it with your trademark is considered good practice for the brands as it gives them a distinct identity in front of the customers and clients. A company must highlight that specific words are registered trademarks.

It will protect others so that other brands cannot use ignorance as a weapon and duplicate it for their benefit. Using the trademark symbol is a way to acknowledge the trademark rights.

The trademark symbol ™ shows that a company is claiming a trademark and is being used for a product.  An important example of a company using this symbol extensively is Starbucks.

It indicates that the preceding mark is a trademark in the making. The superscript TM shows that the company considers the attached mark as a trademark and uses it in a general sense. It is not making any claims regarding its registration status.

Using the sign is considered a good idea whenever a company or a brand considers registration for a specific word or mark, or the registration process is underway and not yet completed. Using the sign TM gives the mark a distinct identity that is descriptive and cannot be replicated by others.

The copyright symbol © is a world-wide recognized symbol that is used as a warning for the masses that the work is original and cannot be reproduced until and unless you have explicit consent from the owner.

Usage of the registered symbol

It is a fact that there is no specific guideline or rules regarding the placement of the symbols. Generally, the companies prefer to place them in the top right side corner of the logo or name. In some cases, a company will also place it at a similar height to the right of the logo or name.

A company should use the ® symbol only after officially registering it with the proper authorities; otherwise, it will be considered invalid or illegal.  If an organization or a brand has given it for approval but has not yet received the green light, it cannot use the symbol in the meantime as using the trademark ® symbol is neither valid nor allowed.

In places like the United States, the trademark symbol’s use is considered misleading advertising if the party has not yet completed the actual registration.

If an organization includes the trademark symbol ® in the trademark application without receiving approval, the authorities are within their right to raise objection and levy penalty. The authorities have ground to deny your application as it is a violation of federal laws.


Most companies recognize the ® designation as it holds weight in various industries. Just consult with a trademark attorney to make it legal and viable.

Remember, the registered trademark symbol is an excellent step in ensuring that specific words are associated with only your brand, service, or product.

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