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  • Posted: August 7 2020 @ 7:47 | From:

    Six Tools For Effective Influencer-driven Content Marketing

    Internet Marketing Ninjas' Community Manager gives you a concise overview of six great tools that can add value to your influencer-driven content marketing efforts. The post Six tools for effective influencer-driven content marketing appeared first on Search Engine Watch. Read more

  • Posted: August 5 2020 @ 8:47 | From:

    Instagram Clones TikTok With New Short-form ‘Reels’ Video Feature Launching Today

    Instagram is out today with a major new release that should crank up the competition between social media apps to another level. “Reels” is rolling out for Instagram users in 50 countries and is focused on entertaining short-form video just like TikTok. more… The post Instagram clones TikTok with... Read more

  • Posted: August 5 2020 @ 0:15 | From:

    Working It Out, Together.

    2020 has arguably been one of the most challenging years in our lifetimes, and certainly the most unusual that many of us have experienced in our careers. Companies around the world switched – almost overnight – to remote working, and people have been relying on technology to stay connected to their... Read more

  • Posted: July 31 2020 @ 14:11 | From:

    ‘Mastermind’ Florida Teen Behind Twitter Hack Arrested And Facing 30 Felony Charges

    It looks like the person behind the massive Twitter hack that happened two weeks ago may have been caught as a Florida teenager has been arrested for the exploit on 30 counts of felony. 17-year-old Graham Clark has been taken into custody in Tampa, Florida. more… The post ‘Mastermind’ Florida teen... Read more

  • Posted: July 31 2020 @ 1:00 | From:

    Pinterest Tops 400 Million Monthly Active Users—with Gen Z, Men And Millennials Driving Growth

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  • Posted: July 30 2020 @ 14:45 | From:

    PSA: Missing Haptic Feedback In The Twitter App On IPhone? The Latest Update Brings It Back

    Last week, an update to the Twitter app for iOS removed the haptic feedback that is triggered when you like a tweet. As it turns out, this was simply a bug and a new update to the Twitter for iOS app today brings the functionality back. more… The post PSA: Missing haptic feedback in the Twitter ap... Read more

  • Posted: July 30 2020 @ 12:12 | From:

    Twitter Shares Content Moderation Plans, Highlights Contrast With Facebook

    On the heels of the US House Judiciary Committee antitrust hearing looking into big tech and also the European Commission working on the Digital Services Act and Democracy Action Plan, Twitter has spoken out today about its two most important goals in supporting an Open Internet. The message also h... Read more

  • Posted: July 30 2020 @ 7:33 | From:

    When We Need To Move Quickly We Work In Task Forces. Here’s How We Set Them Up

    Making and communicating decisions across an organization can be a challenge anytime. Making decisions during a pandemic is a whole new level of challenge.When the impact of COVID-19 started to grow, we at Buffer, like many others, needed to move as quickly as possible, gather a lot of information, Read more

  • Posted: July 28 2020 @ 11:00 | From:

    Four Ways To Grow Your Skills And Stand Out On LinkedIn

    Investing in skills is key for both professional and personal growth -- whether that’s focusing on growing the necessary skills to stand out in the candidate pool for an open job, or learning something entirely new to prepare for a different role, industry or personal hobby. According to a recent su... Read more

  • Posted: July 27 2020 @ 17:13 | From:

    Following Security Breach, Report Says Twitter Contractors Have Been Caught Spying On Accounts In The Past

    Multiple Twitter accounts were recently hacked through Twitter’s own internal tools, affecting high-profiles like Apple, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and more. While the company is still investigating the issue, a new Bloomberg report claims that Twitter has been warned about po... Read more