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  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 12:00 | From: www.theverge.com

    Facebook Gaming Will Now Allow Partnered Streamers To Play Copyrighted Music

    Photo illustration by William Joel | Photo by Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP via Getty Images Today, Facebook Gaming is set to allow its partnered streamers to play copyrighted, popular music in the background of their live streams — which means they’ve seemingly solved the copyright problem tha... Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 11:34 | From: www.adweek.com

    Brandweek Lift Opens Doors For Over 100 Minority-Owned Agencies And Solution Firms

    This year's Brandweek, Adweek's flagship annual event bringing together the industry's brightest minds, is a departure from business as usual on many levels. It's the first entirely virtual version of the event, and features an extra day just for industry professionals who are unemployed or furlough... Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 11:25 | From: www.adweek.com

    The Fresh Prince’s Bel-Air Mansion Is Now Available On Airbnb

    Airbnb knows that all our lives have been flipped and turned upside down. So here's a remedy: Fans of the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will have a shot to spend one night in Will Smith's famed white-pillared mansion thanks to Airbnb. Starting Sept. 29, groups of two lucky Los Angeles County reside... Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 11:14 | From: sproutsocial.com

    Five Stats To Improve Your 2021 Marketing Strategy

    Any social media manager will tell you part of the job is learning how to deal with and adapt to the unexpected. In 2020 Read more... This post Five stats to improve your 2021 marketing strategy originally appeared on Sprout Social. Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 11:00 | From: www.facebook.com

    Introducing An On-Facebook Destination For Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA)

    We remain committed to helping dealers increase profitability, so today we’re launching a mobile-optimized shopping destination for AIAs right on the Facebook platform. Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 10:59 | From: martechtoday.com

    Apple IDFA Consent: Roughly 60% Of Consumers Open To Persuasion To Allow Tracking

    With the right incentives, iOS users might be willing to share data. The post Apple IDFA consent: Roughly 60% of consumers open to persuasion to allow tracking appeared first on MarTech Today. Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 10:34 | From: www.searchenginewatch.com

    Are Search Engines Dead In China?

    Users are moving away from traditional search engines towards in-app search on the giant Chinese platforms. Is this the end of the search engine? The post Are search engines dead in China? appeared first on Search Engine Watch. Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 10:15 | From: www.crazyegg.com

    Best ERP Software

    With ERP software, you can have it all—from CRM software and business intelligence to supply chain management, accounting, human resources, and everything in between. And the best part? You can centralize everything in one place. Plus, the best ERP software is custom fit to your business size, indus... Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 10:14 | From: www.adweek.com

    Adweek Podcast: Getting Creative With Your Career

    As many search for inspiration and new jobs amid the pandemic, VMYLY&R's new creative director Walter T. Geer takes us inside his career track. He also talks about why he advocates for a pure kind of creativity and how one needs to find a tribe at work. Hear even more from Geer this Friday, Sept... Read more

  • Posted: September 14 2020 @ 10:00 | From: www.theverge.com

    What Newsrooms Can Learn From Threat Modeling At Facebook

    Photo By Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile via Getty Images Editor’s note: We’re barreling toward the 2020 election with big unresolved problems in election interference — from foreign actors to domestic troublemakers. So how can journalists sort through all of the noise without having their coverage o... Read more