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Google Analytics Demo Account

The Google Analytics demo account is a fully functional Google Analytics account that any Google user can access. It contains one Universal Analytics property and two Google Analytics 4 properties. 

The demo account is a great way to look at real business data and experiment with Google Analytics features.

Where does the data comes from?

The data in the Google Analytics demo account is from the Google Merchandise Store and Flood-It!

The Google Merchandise Store is an e-commerce site that sells Google-branded merchandise. There are both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 properties based on the e-commerce site. Learn more about the differences between the property types

These two properties contain data in the account that is typical of what you would see for an e-commerce site, and include the following kinds of information:

  • Traffic source data: Information about where website users originate. This includes information about organic traffic, paid search traffic, and display traffic.
  • Content data: Information about the behavior of users on the site. This includes the URLs of pages that users look at, and how they interact with page content.
  • Transaction data: Information about the transactions that occur on the Google Merchandise Store website. 

Flood-It! is a simple yet exciting strategy puzzle game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in fewer than the allowed steps. The game is available for download on Android and iOS. There is a Google Analytics 4 property for Flood-It! containing games reporting and data from the app and website that includes the following kinds of information:

  • Calculated metrics: Information that is computed from existing metrics. This includes metrics like Average revenue per active user and Average engagement time. It also includes Buyer conversion and Revenue heartbeat, which are based on Google Play’s recommended key performance indicators.
  • Events data: Information about user interaction with content. This includes events like level completion and level resets.
  • E-commerce data: Information related to in-app purchases.

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