Marketing | Updated 09-14-2020

User Personas


A "user persona" is a tool to help you identify each of your key customers or clients. 

For each of these ideal people, answer the following questions with as much detail as possible. You can and you should/are encouraged to make as many personas as needed. The intent of the exercise is to understand who your customer is, what challenges do they have, how to successfully market to them, and help you understand where your product/service fits in solving their challenges.

The Who

  • Background (Job? Career Path? Family structure?)
  • Demographics (Male or female? Age? Income? Location?)
  • Identifiers (Demeanor? Communication preferences?)

The Why

  • Real quotes (About, challenges, etc.)
  • Common objections (Why wouldn't they purchase your product or service?)

The What

  • Goals (Primary and secondary goals?)
  • Challenges (Primary and secondary challenges?)
  • What Can We Do (... to help this persona achieve their above goals? To overcome their above challenges?)

The How

  • Marketing messaging (How would you describe your solution to your persona?)
  • Elevator pitch (Sell this persona on your solution)