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What is A.I.D.A?

A solid strategy for those is not only to make sure that the copy and writing is always focused on those business goals and brands, but also language that follows the AIDA principle of attention, interest, desire, and action. Short sentence structure, and having as few words on a page as possible is best practices.

But for presentations like these, that isn't always possible. Sometimes data requires explanatory copy to go along with it, or more background, so it's not as easy to cut down the text. For presentations on data, the content wait should be focused more on cadence, which would be to make sure that slides with heavier content aren't all together in the flow. Ultimately, while editing the text content in your data presentation using that AIDA method to apply to presentations would be like following.

For the first one, attention, that would be equal to putting part of the conclusion first in the presentation to give the audience a glimpse into the most important and valuable part of the story.

For interest, that would be equal to writing with clarity and using universal vocabulary and terms rather than niche business terms.

Desire would be equal to writing clearly to the audience and how the data and presentation benefits them, such as specific KPIs that they're responsible for.

And finally with action, a lot will be said verbally, but action items should always be in text.

When you use a writing style like this and follow these types of skills, it works in your favor to achieve what you're setting out to do when you share this data.

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