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What is Search Generative Experience (SGE)?

When appropriate, SGE will show an AI-powered snapshot to help people quickly get an overview, with factors to consider and a helpful synthesis of relevant insights and information. These snapshots serve as a jumping-off point from which people can explore a wide range of content and perspectives on the web. SGE will show links to resources that corroborate the information in the snapshot, so people can check the information themselves and explore further. This allows people to dig deeper and discover a diverse range of content, from publishers, creators, retailers, businesses, and more, and use the information they find to advance their tasks.

People can tap to “ask a follow up” or on one of the suggested next steps under the snapshot. This will launch the new conversational mode, where they can naturally ask Google more about the topic they’re exploring.

SGE will also be helpful for information journeys related to verticals, like shopping or local searches, as they often have multiple angles or dimensions to explore.

As Search applies the power of generative AI, Search ads will continue to play a critical role. They serve as additional sources of useful information while helping people discover millions of businesses online.

You can read more about SGE here

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