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Marketing Courses


Marketing Courses


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r/Advertising School is a free portfolio school hosted in Reddit’s r/Advertising community. The 12-week program features courses from industry professionals alongside real assignments to promote diversity in the ad industry.


Mkt. Plan Deck

Template to help you plan a marketing strategy and branding.

User Personas

Template to help you identify and understand who your ideal customer is.

Metrics Tracker

A framework for tracking of multiple campaign goals, budget, and results.

Campaign Planner

Two part calendar planner to help you organize campaigns by theme, per quarter.

Event Planner

Plan and document events. Rows for setup, preparation, pre-event, and post-event.

Content Calendar

Content ideas calendar based on holidays and special events.

Social Growth Tracker

Track social media growth tracker for tracking per month or year.

Social Engagement Tracker

Track all your social media posts and engagement metrics.

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