Looking for Marketing Resources

A collection of resources to help you get started.

Getting Started with Digital Marketing

List of FREE informational articles and certifications to sharpen your skillset.

Marketing Plan Slide Deck

A base template to help you plan a marketing strategy.

User Persona Template

The intent of the exercise is to understand who your ideal customer is and how to market to them. Create one persona for each customer segment or many per segment.

Marketing Goal & Result Tracker

A framework for tracking of multiple campaign goals, budget, and results for each month.

Campaign Theme Planner

A two part calendar theme planner to help you organize campaigns by theme, per quarter.

Event Planner

A framework for planning and documenting events. Rows for setup, preparation, pre-event, and post-event.

Content Calendar

A tab for each month with content ideas based on holidays and special events to plan your content marketing campaigns.

Social Media Growth Tracker

Track social platform growth per month/year.

Social Media Engagement Tracker

A simple form to track all your social media posts and engagement metrics.